Put that honey….everywhere

So as some of you may know, I have been painfully addicted to honey since I discovered Bee Local. But even with this sweet addiction, I have been more than generous with my friends and family. In fact, almost every jar that I have not used myself, I have given as a present to someone who I know will truly enjoy it. And they have. As I try to make healthier choices, both for my own body and the people I feed, I have been on a search for better alternatives to things like: oil, butter and refined sugar. I mean, in life, it is perfectly acceptable to treat one’s self but in doing so, it should be with the best quality, good for you ingredients. Honey, being obviously, naturally sweet and delicious, is one of those ingredients that I have found goes everywhere. And not only do I put it everywhere but it always feels like it belongs. A perfect complement to something that just needed a little bit of companionship. Yogurt with strawberries, granola and a drizzle of honey. Banana bread with just a little spoonful of this delightful stuff. And now, brownies.

I have written about my brownies before. And they are the one recipe that just screams: terrible for you. I mean, I’m talking two and a half sticks of butter, 2 cups of sugar and like 5 eggs. Yikes! But, the result is rich, decadent, amazing brownies that fill you with sweetness from your head to your toes. Literally. This is a recipe that I have longed to adapt for quite a while and I think that I have finally figured it out. Honey is the key to making a rich brownie without all that other “stuff” that may or may not give you a heart attack later in life. I’m thinking, reduce most of the sugar and use a natural ingredient made by millions of bees doing what they love to do.

I’m excited to try it out and will be doing so this evening with my very last and coveted jar of Bee Local honey. Yes, I am ordering more probably as soon as I finish this post, just now realizing the emergency situation that I may be in. Some of you may be rolling your eyes and thinking, hey lady, just go to the store and get something else. No. It’s not that simple. I have tried everything else and never felt the same way. I have married and broken up with the bear jar, I have passed by with a blatant stare the jars from far away that I know aren’t real, I have indeed, told a lady at Whole Foods when she had something in her hand I didn’t approve of to put it down, don’t do that to yourself. For someone like me, who really needs things to be authentic, who won’t settle for the bullshit, this is it. This is what I need in my kitchen. And I will continue to try to spread the word to all the folks here in Maine who just don’t know that there is something better. (And yes, before anyone asks I have tried local Maine honey, nah) This stuff just makes my food better.

As soon I finish my brownies this evening, they will be packaged up and sent out to the man, the maker of Bee Local honey, to get his opinion on whether or not this actually works. If I get good feedback both from him and my family/friends, I will post the recipe for all to enjoy. And from there, it will go onto my website as a product that I offer, which is currently being revised for some large changes in the fall. I am modifying the menu to feature a select few items, sold by the dozen to streamline the whole process and really market myself as a maker only of: cupcakes, brownies, macarons & biscotti. Nothing else. I have found that simpler is better and I can offer better, locally sourced food if I just concentrate on the chosen few.

So, peace out everyone, I am off to order some honey.

You should too.


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