I’m done with wine glasses. It’s champagne only for me.

I’m going to begin this blog post with a confession. I use to hate wine. I thought it was stupid. When my friends ordered it out, I thought they were being lame. In fact, I use to think it was them bailing on the balls to the walls night. It wasn’t until I started working at the Scarlet Oak Tavern that I really started to appreciate its full luster. It’s simple brilliance and perplexity. As well as, my personal ability to control myself better when drinking it. This restaurant, only served the best of the best and was well-known for their extensive wine list. At the time, what I knew about wine and champagne in particular, was extremely limited. However, I did know that I loved the way the bottle of Veuve looked aesthetically. This was what drove me to most of my wine choices actually, how the label looked. To me, sitting on the table, it looked sophisticated, lovely, it entices me to come to it, almost instantly. So one night, one of the last nights I worked there, feeling especially disgruntled and pissy, I went and treated myself to a bottle. This restaurant was beyond dysfunctional in the way that it was run and shifts there were extremely stressful, looking back now I’m shocked I didn’t punch someone’s teeth right out of their head. Before I continue on though, I should say that the one saving grace was the Executive Chef, who was nice as could be and inspired me more than I think he will ever know. As a chef, Brian was calm, collected, brilliant and simply wonderful to talk to. He really, is what made that place. And some nights, I would spend all the money I made, just to sit and eat his food.

I drank it on Fourth of July and it was the cleanest, most well-rounded alcoholic beverage I have ever had. It wasn’t about the price tag, which back then, was a lot more hefty than it is now. It wasn’t about the fact that it was offered in fancy places. I just liked it on my tongue. It was easy to drink, light, refreshing. Great on an extremely hot night while watching fireworks outside.

Since then, it has been my go to, signature drink. I bring it with me to parties, I serve it up at special events, I give it as gifts, I drink it with a little Chambord when I am feeling sassy and years ago, I almost went broke because I bought two bottles of it in a club to try to impress my husband. It’s an adoration I can not seem to let slip away. I try not to be too snobby about it. Most people don’t know what it is and certainly would not spend $40 bucks on it but that’s fine. It’s not for everyone. In general, I do believe that everyone should drink exactly what they feel like drinking. It could be something that cost five bucks or something that cost one hundred. No one should judge if that is your preference. Some people splurge on purses, I splurge on Vueve. I have felt this way for years.

Last night though, completely sealed the deal for me. I was washing wine glasses for company so they wouldn’t be dusty, broke a wine glass into a billion pieces and almost cut my damn finger off. So, in a wild protest I am saying F*** wine and wine glasses. I will just take a straw, a bottle of Veuve and at this point, a box of band aids.

Best place to buy Vueve: Whole Foods surprisingly, best price at $36.99

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