I have fallen in love

I’m going to sound like my grandmother here for a minute but whatever, it has to be said, music today is total shit. The radio is virtually useless. Most of the time, mine is shut off, unless of course, I have my IPOD with me. In today’s society you have to dive underground to find the good stuff, it’s like digging to try and discover China. But once you commit, way down in the nadir, lays all the little gems waiting to be listened to. For the past couple of years, I have been utilizing Pandora as my way of finding new music as well as Rolling Stone magazine. My husband told me when we first met, that reading their reviews, helped him to find new and interesting artists. I hate to admit it, but he was right. In January, they put out the best albums of 2011 list and in that list I found what I believe to be the very best artsit ever. It’s different from what I typically listen to in the sense that it’s more melodic, not lyrical really at all. It’s sort of instrumental, light and edgy.

It’s Washed Out. And I love the second album almost as much as I love the first.

Picture this, you are riding in the car. It’s sunny (what a thought), warm, your windows are down and all you need to perfectly compliment this whole scenario is that ideal song. You know, that song that takes you somewhere else in the world, a place where you feel like you live in a commercial. One of those commercials where it is so bright outside you need shades the size of your whole face. Then, put on “Feel it all around” from Life of leisure by Washed Out and you’ll be there. Instantly. I promise. Go and download it and you will be amazed.

You will want to give me a smooch over it.

Other really fantastic artists I have recently discovered that I would just love to share:

Crystal Castles

Coconut Records (have loved them for years but you should know about them anyway)


Neon Indian

They will revive your soul. Bring you back to that place, you know the place. And just overall make you want to dance in your pants.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Enjoy.

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