I’d like to put that honey….

It’s rare that something as simple as a jar of honey can get me so excited but recently I discovered what I think to be, the best product, well, ever.

I use to be one of those individuals (here it comes……) who purchased my honey at, alas, the grocery store. Yes, I’m talking about that little bear shaped bottled that just looks at you like, “I’m cute, buy me and slather me on everything.” But about a year ago I discovered that little bear is a scornful character who is deceiving everyone with his little cute expression. Inside that little bear is honey that is not one hundred percent authentic. In fact, it’s filled with a bunch of crap, pretending to be honey. Well, that bear and I had a falling out. Now, I pass by him coldly when I’m in the pancake aisle. As many of you have heard me say about a million times, Maine, has led me to discover all sorts of new items. Honey, is one of them. Windy Hill Farm is a local place in which I usually purchase my meat, veggies and occasionally, honey. And don’t get me wrong, I love it there. The conversations I have with the owners are coveted things and I hold them close to my heart. But, about a month ago I found a new place to get my honey. A gentleman named Damien started a company called Bee Local and it’s founded on the idea that honey is marked in flavor based on its environment. It is also founded on traditional artisan techniques and the belief that a jar claiming to be honey should be just that, honey. It’s on the other side of this continent and yes, that does mildly betray my buying local philosophy but I don’t care because I think this stuff is spectacular. When I found the Bee Local website I was instantly drawn in by the video, by the beautiful little glass jars, by the promises that this product makes and more than anything, by the idea. I ordered two jars immediately, one that is a jar out a mere twenty-four in a batch and another jar that is a little more everyday. I like to think of it like my everyday flip-flops and then my dressy pimped out flip-flops.

The jars arrived a couple of weeks later and I was of course impressed with their aesthetic. I mean, the label, the hand written batch number, it’s all setting you up for what is inside.

I opened them both up and swept my finger across each one and allowed the flavors to dance on my tongue. The every day honey (which I feel is an insult to call it but you know what I mean) is by far the most whimsical honey I have ever tasted on my tongue. It was deep and flavorful, decadent and delicious. The smaller batch jar was lingering, slightly complex, light and delightful. I was so happy with the product, I will forever be a Bee Local customer. (And yes, I will just buy more meat from Windy Hill) To me, this expands my idea of buying local. I can absolutely support a company across the country who is doing something amazing. I mean, this stuff is one of a kind. I urge you to check it out, order some, stick it on your tongue (or where ever) and just let it come over you. It is that powerful. It is.


Go there. Now.

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