comfort & style. yes, please.

i love anything that allows me to think minimally about what i am wearing. when i was younger, wardrobe was a large part of my life. because prior to getting married and spitting out some kids, you tend to care a little bit more about what you look like. now that i am an old married lady, i still care, i just don’t have as much time. i have lots of dresses like this in my closet, when the weather gets warm and the flip-flops are once again, socially acceptable, i load my body with items like this. add some tussled hair, braided to the size perhaps, (my fave look) a cute belt and bam, you are ready for the day. also, this is nice for those of us who are not stick thin. i blame my italian heritage as well as my running legs for my not so pencil thin body but whatever the case, this item flatters it nicely.

plus the stripes make it hard to really zone in on those “problem areas”

you can pick this lovely article up at your local jcrew or if you are like me, say to hell with that and order it online. it’s a steal for only $98.00.

while you are doing that, purchase a beefy, chunky sweater to compliment it nicely when the sun goes down and it gets just a little chilly.

the last plus about this, and the last thing i am going to say, is that it also works as a functional piece. when you have a hot date and things get spicy, the whole thing can just slip right off.

go to to take a look at all their other fantastic dress options.

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