a french bistro, i can not live without

there is something about cafe henri in long island city, ny that just hits all of my sweet spots. you wouldn’t really know to look for it unless someone told you that it was there. it’s in, what i would call, an up and coming neighborhood. while living in new york city, it was one of the few reasons i was truly happy. walking in there every sunday morning, made me feel like home, i felt right. i wanted to be there. it was amazing. the service, is unlike anything i have ever experienced. when you walk in the door, there is the same woman there every week, with this delightful french accent, just smiling at you with warmth illuminating around her. she makes you feel like you have been best friends for years and instantly recognizes you. (or me in this case) the food, is spectacular, crunchy french toast made from good bread. little side salads which pair perfectly with your breakfast selection. fresh fruit. amazingly decadent cappuccinos in large cups with froth that is like whipped cream. the atmosphere is delightful but rustic, with wine bottle adorning the walls and a kitchen as small as your own. every morning, here in maine, i long for this place. for the smells, for the feeling, for the food, which literally danced in my face. if you happen to find yourself visiting this little neighborhood, go here. sit, enjoy. bask in the moment. you will fall in love just as i did.


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